Condos with Best Amenities at Scarborough Town Centre

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Tom: Hi, this is Tom. I’m here with Jas. Jas, I had a buyer call me and she asked me which are the best condo buildings at Scarborough Town Centre for amenities?

Jas: Well, there are quite a few buildings there at Town Centre, Tom, with excellent amenities, but clearly the winner is 68 and 88 Corporate Drive with million dollar amenities. Second, I would go with 25 Town Centre Court and 190. So, Centro north and Centro south towers. They share the amenities at [00:00:39] [inaudible] Town Centre and modern buildings with modern amenities, beautifully laid out on the fifth floor. Third, if you’re willing to go to Kennedy and 401, the Solaris 1 and Solaris 2 towers. Once again, modern buildings with modern finishes and modern amenities. Fourth, it would be the 1,11 Lee Centre Drive. They share the amenities as well and they have very extensive amenities there as well, including a two-storeyed basketball court. Fifth, I would go with 60 Brian Harrison Way because of the catwalk on the second floor out to Scarborough Town Centre. So Tom, those would be my top five-six locations with the best amenities near Scarborough Town Centre.

Tom: So, if you have any questions about the condos at Scarborough Town Centre, call us. The number is 647-299-4529.

Jas: And my number is 647-272-6629. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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